Transforming Complex Data into Actionable Insights for Policy

Data science is typically linked with business intelligence, aiming to provide insights. Yet, government organisations, grappling with vast data, also require evidence-based decision-making impacting society. Data is crucial for informed decisions, and it’s no surprise that the public sector is increasingly embracing data and analytical tools.

However, data usage in policymaking faces several challenges:

  • Accessibility: Not all data is readily available. Moreover, data often contains sensitive personal information, restricting its sharing.
  • Dispersed Sources: Data scattered across various platforms complicates retrieval.
  • Inconsistency and Quality: Available data may vary over time, lack crucial information for research, and pose quality concerns – a significant hurdle for data scientists.
  • Data Literacy: Teams frequently struggle with interpreting data due to a lack of skills.

Our Approach to Data

At INE, we view data as a potent tool for better decision-making, valuing diverse knowledge forms. We advocate for data accessibility to various audiences.

Our mission: assisting policymakers and academics in accessing, analysing, and communicating data. Collaborating with local officers, we’ve mapped the regional data landscape and fostered connections among data experts, analysts, and officials.

What INE Offers Policymakers and Academics

For Policymakers

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation: We provide complimentary support for data-related projects, including data visualisation, quantitative and qualitative research methods. Our expertise encompasses various research strategies and software applications.
  • Specialist Connections: Acting as a bridge between academia and policy, we connect officials with top regional data experts and support joint projects with the National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD).
  • Knowledge Exchange: We organize events and networking opportunities for idea and knowledge sharing on data and technology.

For Academics

Data Communication: We assist in translating your data into compelling narratives for policymakers, making complex analysis accessible and engaging.

Seeking Data Expertise?

  • Does your organisation need assistance with data finding, analysis, or interpretation?
  • Is your team seeking skill enhancement in data handling?
  • Require guidance on specific data analysis or visualisation software?
  • Are you an academic with data potentially valuable for policymaking?

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