Inclusive Innovation Research Summary

By Louise Kempton

During 2022/23, Insights North East (INE) undertook a scene-setting exercise to explore ‘inclusive innovation’. It sought to understand Inclusive Innovation better in the context of ‘levelling up’, future devolution, and broader societal and economic challenges facing the city-region, and less-advantaged places and communities in particular. This exercise sought to:

1.  Define ‘inclusive innovation’ in a meaningful way for city and regional policy landscapes

2.  Develop framework(s) for assessing and testing it in future innovation policy and strategies

3.  Apply those frameworks to the Helix Innovation District4.Produce suggestions for:

a. Future policy development

b. Further research & development

This briefing note presents the interim results of this exercise both for deliberation with Helix and other relevant role players in the North East, and as a contribution to INE and wider growth, development and inclusion agendas.