Insights North East (INE) is a collaboration between Newcastle and Northumbria Universities, the NHS and local authorities.

Insights North East harnesses the investment in research and regional knowledge assets for the long-term benefit of the North East by:

  • Producing accessible and actionable insights for North East policymakers.
  • Developing capacity and capability of regional policymakers and academics so that policy evidence engagement becomes a sustainable, embedded, and systemic activity.

INE will harness regional research investment
for the long-term benefit of our place by:

Evidence & policy: What creates the divide?

Research & evidence
Limited capacity of policymakers
Short-term, short-turnaround funding
Fewer rewards for research impact
Academic publications inaccessible
Siloed research specialisms
Different institutional languages
Research not solution-focussed
1:1 collaboration unsustainable
Partners & policy makers

INE is being developed with a deeper understanding of this divide. Read more about the mechanisms we are putting into place to bridge these gaps: