Evidence-based actionable insights:
Three response modes

Rapid response

INE connect service to introduce policymakers to key experts

Exploration workshops to surface key issues and approaches

Quick turnaround policy briefings to synthesise existing evidence

Deep dive

Collaborative 3+ month projects

Scoping workshops to co-create & frame

Task & finish groups

Opportunities to use Catalyst and Gap Research Funding (£600k)

Support on data available through Data RA & NICD

Long-term change

Focus on core underlying drivers affecting North East outcomes

Building cumulative power of actionable insights over time

Developing multi-dimensional understanding of what works in our place

Evidence-based actionable insights: INE process

New Policy & Research Ecosystem:
Development of Capability and Capacity

North East Data Network

Development resources and events

Exchange Fellowships

Language exchange workshops

Policy foresight support

Action learning supports best practice development