A new regional partnership

Bridging the divide between research and place-based policy making.

Insights North East (INE) is a collaboration between Newcastle University, Northumbria University, the NHS, North of Tyne Combined Authority and Newcastle City Council.

Insights North East will harness the investment in research and regional knowledge assets for the long-term benefit of the North East by:

  • Producing accessible and actionable insights for North East policymakers
  • Developing capacity and capability so that this becomes a sustainable, embedded, and systemic activity
A unique partnership
Reaching far beyond the region
Demand led / two-way process
Co-designed with partners
Demonstrator for other places
Catalyse and accelerate existing work

INE is a demonstrator illustrating how anchor institutions can collaborate to maximise the potential for university research to inform place-based policy-making and practice, ensuring that future research agendas are demand-led and shaped by the needs of the North East.

With support and funding from Research England’s Development Fund, INE is in the process of starting its activities, scaling up to build the critical mass necessary so that it can build the bridge between the worlds of research and policy-making.

We need place-based approaches that more strongly match policy responses to the circumstances and contexts of diverse places – and, we need the insight, data and evidence to underpin these policy responses. Matching place-based policymaking requires input and ownership from a range of stakeholders and local decision-makers, aggregating their knowledge, capabilities and expertise so that key policy responses align with the circumstances and context of a specific place, in this instance the North East of England.

INE will show how, by working collaboratively with public and health sector partners, universities can create a new and porous policy research eco-system that maximises the benefits of our individual and shared capabilities. As an action research project INE will share its learning with the higher education, health and public sectors across the UK and internationally so they can design their own local solutions to close the gap between publicly funded research and policy design and action.

Ine will harness regional research investment
for the long-term benefit of our place by:

Evidence & policy: What creates the divide?

Research & evidence
Focus on problems more than solutions
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Partners & policy makers

Evidence-based actionable insights:
Three response modes

Rapid response

INE connect service to introduce policymakers to key experts

Exploration workshops to surface key issues and approaches

Quick turnaround policy briefings to synthesise existing evidence

Deep dive

Collaborative 3+ month projects

Scoping workshops to co-create & frame

Task & finish groups

Opportunities to use Catalyst and Gap Research Funding (£600k)

Support on data available through Data RA & NICD

Long-term change

Focus on core underlying drivers affecting North East outcomes

Building cumulative power of actionable insights over time

Developing multi-dimensional understanding of what works in our place

Informing regional policy for actionable change.

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